20th of June 2019

the European Clean Air Day

To further European awareness of air pollution, the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Air Quality Working Group call for a European Clean Air Day to be organized annually starting from 20th June 2019.

The primary goal of the event is to engage citizens across Europe in doing science on air pollution.

This idea was born in 2018 and was institutionalized in Geneva during the ECSA2018 conference. We aligned with the Clean Air Day organized in June 2018 by Global Action Plan in the UK. Two thousand organisations participated in the organization of 550 events across the UK. The event engaged with 10.5 million people in the UK and increased the number of people using bicycles and walking. The event will be repeated this year.

Keep working the rest of the year for cleaner air

Not only one day

The European Clean Air Day is not just for one day of the year. You can use the European Clean Air Day resources any time. Sign up to keep up to date with the progress we are making, what others are up to – and be the first to hear about our plans for 2020.


➡ Add your air quality initiatives on #mapAIRQInitiatives by filling in our short survey here.

👀 See other citizen science activities that are happening in Europe:
on air sensing, EPA network project CleanAir@School, UK Clean air Day.

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European Clean Air Day


European Clean Air Day in Thessaloniki, Greece

URwatair: a citizen science project tackling air pollution and rainwater management problems in the urban area of Thessaloniki. Focusing on air pollution, we have been running a number of training …

Final meeting before 20th June

April 2019, Bruxelles. During the ECSA conference in Bruxelles Working Group Air Quality hold last face-to-face meeting before organising the European Clean Air Day.