Everyone can contribute to monitor the air quality. You only need to prepare a dust monitor using paper and Vaseline, place it in the location you want to know how is the air quality, wait for 1 week and then see the results. You can share your results and see also the results from others in the Clean Air for All map.

The results will help scientists to understand how air pollution varies from place to place, and to improve our current maps.

In the video you can see how to prepare your own dust monitor and under “Material” you will find a list of everything you need, as well as guidance.

  • Register your marker on the map.
  • See the Clean Air for All map.


NILU, The Norwegian Institute for Air Research, has developed the materials under the project Ren luft for alle, financed by Extrastiftelsen. The main target group are elementary schools, and the purpose is to actively involve the children in improving the air quality where they live and developing research skills. Children at home can also easily perform the activity with a bit of guidance. But you don’t need to be a kid to participate, everyone is welcome.


Guidance – guidance and detailed method description of how to build a dust monitor, analyze the results and share them in the map


Dust monitor – A template for printing the dust monitors

Dust scale – A tool for analyzing the results from the dust monitor

My experiment – A template for documenting the experiment and learning to think like a scientist

Background information

Background information – Useful information to learn more about air quality.