Katowice, Air datathon @ Hackerspace Silesia

The European Clean Air Day is an initiative of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). The goal of this event is to involve all European citizens in a scientific discussion on air pollution.

In the last few decades, air pollution has fallen all over Europe, but unfortunately dangerous substances still lead to thousands of cases of illness and premature death. Despite the recent air quality on the lips of many Europeans, awareness of the problem, especially among the elderly, is relatively low. There is still much you can do and improve to change it. We have huge amounts of data and measurement stations, but these data are useless without the proper form of communication and constant attention to the problem.

Hackerspace Silesia together with the Repair Foundation Sobie City invite you for a short, 10-hour datathon, where under the supervision of mentors you will create your own solutions to the problem. The goal is to visualize the shared data in an interesting way, in any form. Application, report, analysis and even something creative.

We invite you to participate in groups of 1-4 people. You can win your own smog meter, as well as Raspberry Pi 3 sets.

Please register on Evenea service.