Amsterdam, Dutch Skies Hackathon: Do you make the invisible visible?

On June 20th it is International Air Quality Day. This is the perfect opportunity to think about concepts on how to visualise air quality. Dutch Skies, Waag and the creative workspace Studio O together organise the Dutch Skies Hackathon in the Netherlands, in the Metropoliton region of Amsterdam.

This Dutch Skies Hackaton is held in the urban area of Beverwijk, a city center West of Amsterdam, close to harbour area IJmuiden with factories like Tata Steel. You can be involved in the Hackaton challenge on 20 June 2019.

The main purpose of this event is to think about concepts on how to visualise air quality, discuss this topic and experiment with air quality visualizations, among others from new citizen science based sensors, and reveal the invisibility of air pollution. The communication of data and outcomes can take many forms, from an online map or a light installation to t-shirts that communicate air quality conceptualizations.

Among the participants, advisors, jury members, are Judith Veenkamp (Waag), Hester Volten (RIVM) and Linda Carton (Radboud University), scientists involved in air quality and citizen science research projects. Main language will be Dutch, but English-speaking participants will be welcome to join a group and talk about air quality and sensor data visualization on this evening.

Date: 20 June 2019

Time: 18:00 – 22:30

Location: Studio O, Grebbestraat 27, 1944 VC, Beverwijk

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