Budapest: cleanAIRday. More…

Many people, building on low-cost sensor solutions and community web collaboration, observe, monitor and measure phenomena and pollution in their environment. They share their results with each other and with the World Wide Web.

Find out what you know about environmental pollution that is affecting you and your daily life! Come and join the civil and international community in Budapest on the 20th of June. More info on FB


Exhibition: Exhibition: the Hungarian civil network for measuring air quality; Code-for-All: global civic tech movement; D-Nose: International Odour Observatory, School program for teaching dust pollution by NILU;

Scientific coffees:

· Clean Air at Schools – Gergely Simon (Greenpeace Hungary), Erika Frekot (Ady Endre Secondary School) Gábor Bendik (Levegő Munkacsoport)

· CODE4HUNGARY: civic tech projects involving volunteer developers – talk: Sándor Léderer, Orsi Barsi (K-Monitor), Györgyi Bela (DIY Science Lab) – lead: Faludi Julianna (BCE)

· Civil ionizing radiation measurements – Zoltán Gémesi (SZIE), Gábor Garamhegyi (Dénes Gábor High School and Grammar School) and Nikolényi István Róbert (SZIE) – lead: Györgyi Bela (DIY Science Lab)

· Share your data! Wireless data transmission options for community use (LoRaWAN, Wifi, 4G – NarrowBand, CAT-M)- Levente Vilmos Kovács and Csaba Kocsis

Workshop: Build yourself a dust sensor and measure the air quality together! – The workshop is lead by Csaba Koller, who organizes sensor building events monthly. During the workshop, we assemble a working sensor from components that monitor temperature, relative humidity, and concentration of dust (PM10, PM2.5). The aim is to build a civil network of air quality sensors around the world.

The European Clean Air Day! is an international research initiative that takes place in several European cities at the same time.